# Kubernetes Storage

# Which Kubernetes versions does Storidge CIO support?

Storidge CIO supports Kubernetes version 1.12 and above. Support will track new versions of Kubernetes as they are released.

# Does Storidge have a CSI driver or volume plugin?

Yes, a Storidge CSI driver (opens new window) is available.

This driver passes requests for persistent volume claims or persistent volumes to the Storidge CIO software. The driver supports declarative input and enables storage for pods to be dynamically provisioned on demand based on storage classes (opens new window) or profiles (opens new window).

# Do I have to use cio CLI commands to create volumes for Kubernetes pods?

You can use either the kubectl CLI (opens new window) or Storidge's cio CLI (opens new window) to create volumes for Kubernetes pods.

Storidge provides a CSI driver (opens new window) that allows persistent volumes to be requested natively from the kubectl CLI.

Volumes can also be created using the cio CLI. See cio volume (opens new window) for examples.

Last Updated: 12/23/2019, 6:01:47 PM