Does CIO integrate with other tools I’m using?

Storidge is already tightly integrated with the Portainer user interface for managing a Swarm cluster. In addition, there are references for Ansible, Packer and Terraform to create images and automate deployment of clusters. These tools are available through our repos on

Integrations are also planned for monitoring and logging frameworks. We prioritize development based on user requests so please do notify us of your preferred tools.

Is there an Ansible playbook for setting up a Storidge cluster?

You can modify the reference playbook for setting up a Storidge cluster on AWS.

Is there any way to have a "canned" Packer image with Storidge software?

There is a github repo with Packer templates for generating AWS AMIs and DigitalOcean snapshot images. This uses the community edition of the Storidge CIO software. See

How is Portainer integrated with Storidge?

In a Swarm cluster, Storidge will deploy a Portainer service and Portainer agent after initializing a cluster.

The Portainer service integrates through the Storidge AP and automatically detects the Storidge components and presents an enhanced interface for you to manage the cluster. Look at the Portainer integration for more info.

Is there a Terraform reference for setting up Storidge cluster?

There is a github repo for setting up a Storidge cluster on AWS and also an example for DigitalOcean Cloud.

Last Updated: 9/26/2019, 1:13:47 AM